trainedEvery Boy Deserves a Trained Leader

We believe that every boy deserves a trained leader. We want to make sure that you understand how Scouting works and that you’re properly equipped to deliver a fun and fulfilling program to our youth.

The Boy Scouts of America provides a wealth of training opportunities at every level of Scouting. Whether you’re a first time Cub leader or a high adventure veteran, there’s a training course for you. Continual learning is a key to the success of our programs.


When new leaders are selected in Scouting, it’s essential that they receive immediate information to help them get started. This “fast start” training helps new leaders understand what’s expected and establishes effective meeting patterns so that the boys and their families can enjoy a quality program.

As the first step in BSA training, Fast Start Orientation provides the information and resources new leaders need to conduct their first meeting, along with guidance for the meetings that follow. All new leaders should receive the Fast Start materials when they’re recruited and complete the orientation as soon as possible.

There are separate Fast Start Orientations for Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturing leaders. They’re available in both video tape format and on the internet. Go to the training link for your program (Cubs, Boy Scouts, Varsity or Venturing) to begin your Fast Start course.


Basic Leader Training is designed to give position-related information to adult leaders. Building on the foundation established in Fast Start Orientation, Basic Leader Training goes into greater detail on youth development and boy behavior, program planning, activities, and the purposes of the program.

Basic Leader Training is usually presented in one or two group sessions and consists of the following:

This Is Scouting (formerly New Leader Essentials) is for all new Scout leaders. It highlights the values, aims, history, funding and methods of the Scouting program. Once completed, it need not be taken again, even if the leader moves to a different position or program level.

Leader Specific Training gives a leader the knowledge and skills needed for a specific position. Leader Specific Training is available for a variety of leadership positions, including:

•Tiger Cub leader
•Cub Scout and Webelos den leader and assistant
•Cubmaster and assistant
•Scoutmaster and assistant
•Varisty Coach and assistant
•Venture Crew Advisor and Assistant
•Unit committee members

Refer to the training schedule for your program (Cubs, Boy Scouts, Varsity or Venturing) for Basic Leader Training classes.


Child abuse is an increasingly serious, widespread problem in society, affecting every ethnic group, socioeconomic level, and geographic area. The Boy Scouts of America has developed Youth Protection training to prepare its leaders to help children who have been, or are being, abused.

The training program includes information for parents, as well as age appropriate videos for youth members. Materials may be used in Pack, Troop or Den meetings to show Scouts and their parents what they should do to prevent abuse from happening to them.

Every leader in Scouting should complete Youth Protection training. The Council requires that at least one adult accompanying the unit on any outing must be Youth Protection trained in order to obtain a Tour Permit.

Youth Protection training is available in video tape format, on the internet, or at various training classes. Refer to the Youth Protection link for online training and class schedules.